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The HyperStat, conceived as a successor to the original SmartStat, has evolved with 8 on-board sensors, providing advanced capability of thermostat, humidistat, and IAQ sensing station with both modulating and staged equipment control. HyperStat provides monitoring and control of a wide variety of HVAC standalone equipment through its various relay stages or modulating analog outputs.

The Hyper Stat is a Wall mount product, and the design is done thoughtfully to make sure that the product blends into most of the commercial spaces while still giving a fresh and contemporary feel compared to dated Building control interfaces.

Hyper Stat has two product variants based on specific uses cases. They are:

  • Hyper Stat P1P2 variant is an exclusive offering which focuses on applications involving a Daikin VRV/VRF unit, the device can replace the conventional Remote for this equipment while offering more features.
  • Hyper Stat Regular Variant aims at addressing all other HVAC system


  • Control of up to 5 stages of heating/cooling or fan or modulating capacity equipment  
  • Built in sequences for occupancy detection 
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Mounting on existing gang boxes in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Has inbuilt sensors to monitor temperature, relative humidity, Ambient light, Occupancy, CO2, VOC and PM2.5(optional)
  • Has 6 Relays for HVAC control and 3 Analog outputs for actuator control/dimming
  • The Hyper Stat can power from 24V AC/ DC supply. The P1P2 variant can power from a Daikin In Door Unit (IDU) through the same lines used for communication eliminating the need for a separate power wire run.
  • Consumes less than 2W of power


Below are a few precautions considered while installing a Hyperstat

  • Do not install under direct sunlight
  • Do not install on an exterior wall
  • Do not install near heat producing equipment
  • Always disconnect the device from the power source before installing
  • Never connect or disconnect the wiring with power on
  • Install in accordance with all state and local codes

|Mounting a Hyperstat

Some of the sensors on the HyperStat are location dependent. If you plan to use occupancy, make sure that the HyperStat faces the room. If you plan to use Dynamic Light Balancing, make sure the device is not exposed to direct sunlight or is facing a very dark corner of the room.

Mounting Instructions:

  • Mount the HyperStat back (Subbase).
  • Level the HyperStat in the desired mounting location.
  • Mark the holes on each side.
  • Drill a 5/16” hole.
  • Insert the provided anchors.
  • Screw the subbase into place using the provided #6-32 1” screws.



1. HyperStat Interface - Conventional

5. Rubber cover 2 

2. HyperStat Main 

6. Gang Box 

3. Allen head screws  

7. PHP screws 

4. Rubber cover 1  

8. Back plate 

|Pairing a Hyperstat

A HyperStat is paired to a CCU, to a zone that has been preconfigured or create and configure a zone through Setup > Floor Plan on the CCU in the navigation panel.


Once power is supplied to the system and the HyperStat is displaying the default room:

  • Press the button number 2 & 3 together for 5 seconds to navigate to other screens


The Inputs screen is displayed with available input options.


  • Press the next button to reach the installer options screen


  • Press the down arrow button to highlight Pair with CCU option.
  • Press select button to select the option.


The Advertising screen is displayed.
Note: Sometimes at this step the MAC is not displayed. In this case, power cycle the stat and try again. 



  • Disconnect the tablet from the CM and carry it with (Pairing will be performed using Bluetooth).
  • Select the zone on the tablet you wish to pair.
  • Press “Pair Module” to start the pairing process.


Note: If no zones are displayed you will need to add all floors and rooms before pairing

The Select device type screen is displayed.


  • Select the HS Hyper Stat option.
  • Select the desired type of Hyperstat profile.


  • Select the Terminal Profile which the HyperStat will be controlling
  • Follow the pairing steps on the Hyperstat



  • Enter the PIN displayed on the HyperStat in CCU screen requesting PIN




Pairing success message is displayed in the Hyperstat.


Note : Pairing process will take a few more seconds and then completes displaying “Success!” on the screen.  After a few seconds the new zone name is displayed in the screen. The tablet will not display any zone data until it is reconnected to the CM where it will communicate over a 900 MHz channel.


Once the HyperStat pairs successfully the CCU will display the HyperStat room parameters.

  • Select the equipment and external sensors that the HyperStat controls as below.
  • Press Set





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