| Important Enhancements and Fixes

HPU Profile for HyperStat

The profile introduced in CCU to provide Heat Pump Unit Control with the HyperStat.

Users will be able to pair, configure, reconfigure, and view all details of the control sequences in Portals, apps, and CCU.

It provides both heating and cooling conditioning. Based on whether the unit is in the heating operation or cooling operation the reversing valve is set to reverse the direction of the flow of the refrigerant switching the condenser and the evaporator coil of the system to provide the necessary conditioning.
SAT Sensing in CCU TI
The Temperature influencing profile using the CCU and the CM is enhanced to accommodate and provision supply air/water temperature (SAT/SWT) sensing capabilities. It uses the thermistor ports in the control Mote (CM) for wiring the same.
Current Transformer Consumption in SSE
The single-stage equipment (SSE) profile using the SmartNode and HelioNode is enhanced to accommodate and provision different types of the current transformers as Analog IN. And the current transformer consumption information for the bus is presented as a widget for visualization.

| New and Updated Docs

HyperStat HPU (Heat Pump Unit)

Single Stage Equipment - HelioNode

SmartNode - Single Stage Equipment

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CCU Version 



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