| Important Enhancements and Fixes

HelioNode as a Separate Product

The HelioNode zone controller device, which was presented for use alongside the SmartNode, is now presented as a separate product. 
The pairing of HelioNode which broadcasted its Bluetooth address as a SmartNode (75F-SMARTNODE-XXXXXXXXXXX) will start broadcasting as a HelioNode (75F-HELIONODE-XXXXXXXXXXX)
Option to Switch Heartbeat LED
HelioNode now has an option on the UI to turn the heartbeat LED ON and OFF.
CCU in Safe Mode
CCUs facing crashes more than 3 times in an hour enter into a crash loop and will be placed into Safe Mode
Alert for CCU in Safe Mode:
An alert is created to alert the users on CCUs entering the crash loop and being placed in safe mode.
Remote Tuner Command to Exit Safe Mode:
A remote tuner command is provisioned at the system tuner page for the CCU, to exit the CCU from safe mode.

| New and Updated Docs

HelioNode- Profiles

Remote Tuner Commands for the Hardware

Predefined Alerts Explained

Alert Configuration and Management in Internal Portal

CCU Safe Mode for Crash Loops

HelioNode UI Navigation

Setting the heartbeat LED ON or OFF in HelioNode

| Versions

CCU Version 
Internal Portal 
HN Version



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