Using the X75F Niagara driver, there are four tools for getting points from the 75F cloud to a Niagara station.

Yes, that is three more options than you have with most Niagara drivers! Here are the four tools and what they do:

1. Import Site Hierarchy Action (on X75FSite): adds all Haystack floors, rooms, and equips to the station as subfolders under the X75FSite's Points extension. Does not actually add any points. They can be discovered later.

2. Discover Button (X75F Point Manager View on X75FPointFolder): learns all points associated with a specific room, floor, or equip. Integrator can add discovered points through the Add button as normal.

3. Import Child Points Action (on X75FPointFolder): adds everything - floors, rooms, equips, and points - under a given node on the 75F Site tree.

4. Import Entire Site Action (on X75FSite): adds everything - floors, rooms, equips, and points - under the root of the 75F Site.


Before You Start

Make sure that the X75FNetwork and X75FSite you are trying to get points from are online. Both should be displaying status of either {ok} or {unackedAlarm}. If not, refer here for troubleshooting.


From here, if you want to get programming as quickly as possible, scroll straight down to Import Entire Site and get going.

If you know the 75F Site well and only want to fetch specific points, continue on through the next three sections for instructions on how to hone in on the points you want.


Import Site Hierarchy (on X75FSite)

X75FSites have an Import Site Hierarchy Action. It fetches all the Floors, Rooms, and Equips under the 75F Site, then adds them as subfolders underneath the X75FSite's Points extension.

To access it, right click the Site and select Actions:

All the actual work is done inside a background job run by the station. When the action is clicked, a Job Progress button () and then a Job Complete button () will appear in the bottom-right of the screen. Once the green check mark appears, the job is complete.

Once the job has completed, click on the X75FSite's Points extension. It will contain an X75FPointFolder with the 75F Site tree -- floors, rooms, and equips -- underneath it:


From here, you can select any of the folders that were just imported and start discovering points.


Point Discover Button (on X75FPointFolder)

The Discover button on a folder still works like it does for most Niagara drivers. If you click on an X75FPointFolder, the X75F Point Manager will be the default view. Clicking the Discover button produces a table of points:

From here, points can be selected (individually or in groups), then added to the station using the Add button:

It's important to note that the Discover button limits its scope to the points directly under the folder that you have selected. If your folder has child floors/rooms/equips under it, Discover will not find any points that exist under those child nodes.

What does that mean? Let's look at the Hallway folder for an example. Hallway is a zone with an equip (hyperstatcpu1100) underneath it. If we run a Discover on it, we find only one point:

Under the hyperstatcpu1100 folder, there are 61 more points that will not appear unless they are discovered separately:

The Discover button works if you know exactly what you're looking for. But, it's designed for fetching a flat list of points from a device, and even a simple 75F Site has a multi-level hierarchy that doesn't fit that structure. If you don't feel like learning the details of this, skip to one of the methods below that will keep track of them for you.


Import Child Points (on X75FPointFolder)

Each X75FPointFolder has an Import Child Points Action. When clicked, it starts a Job that adds everything underneath the folder in the 75F cloud - points, floors, rooms, and equips - to the station.

This differs from the Discover button in two ways:

1. It automatically adds all discovered points instead of having the user select which ones they would like added.

2. It doesn't stop at the given folder; it also adds points underneath all the folder's child equips/floors/zones.

As an example, let's go back to the still-empty Hallway zone. If we right-click it to run the Import Child Equips action, we will find that the occupancyState point for the zone has been added automatically.

If we drill down further into the hyperstatcpu1100 equip, we find that points were added underneath it, too. If there were more child equips underneath it, their points would be added as well:


Import Entire Site (on X75FSite)

Maybe you've gotten to this point in the article and decided that this is all way too complicated. That's how I feel at this point in writing it, at least. Maybe you're saying, "I don't care about Haystack ontology and have built hundreds of perfectly good stations without knowing how it works. Is there a single button I can press to just pull in every point I need?".

Yes, there is. Go to the X75FSite, right-click, and select the Import Entire Site Action:tempsnip2.png

This will begin a job that may take a few minutes for large sites. Once the job starts, you will see a () icon in the bottom-right of your screen. Once the job completes, it will change to a ().

After that happens, the X75FSite's Points extension will contain all the points from the cloud Site, subfoldered by room, floor, and equip. From there, continue on building your station.




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