Current Standard Solution:

75F offers the ability to sideload MODBus integrated devices to the CCU, and in turn, to the front end.



There are times when the devices to be integrated are BACnet and we do not want to spend the money to use a JACE to integrate BACNet, and then convert to MODBus to integrate to the CCU.



Using a Weble with a BACNet Network and either the 75F API Driver, or MODBus Driver, to then integrate to the 75F System.

  1. Using the 75F API Driver
    • The 75F API driver can be used as a form of integration to the CCU as long as no custom alerts are required.
      • Note : Devices integrated via the API Driver cannot be viewed from the CCU locally.
    • The direct API integration allows a more seamless and plug and play solution, but takes a little bit more work than if we were to sideload MODbus.
    • This option does require a live internet connection.
  2. Using the MODBus Driver
    • The MODBus driver would be used in cases where custom alerts are required, or when the user wants to be able to view this information on the CCU.
    • This requires a MODBus communication network between the Weble and the CCU, in addition to the BACnet from the Weble to the integrated device.
    • This option does not require a live internet connection, but can be used for remote assistance.


  • The aforementioned problem is resolved and allows integration of BACNet devices to the 75F System.
  • This solution is at a much lower cost than using the JACE, which was done in the past, and requires less programming than the JACE counterpart.



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