| Important Enhancements and Fixes

Central Plant Management- Master View

The Central Plant management (CPM) is now available to users to monitor the central plant and analyze the operation of the equips like Chiller, Pumps, CT, etc.

It provides a graphical representation of the chiller and associated equipment in the Plant, along with the following.

  • Overview of the running status of each equip,
  • Temperature status for water lines,
  • Active alerts,
  • Energy consumption and
  • Monitoring of other equipment installed in a plant.
Equip Graphics- System Profile
Equipment graphics is now available for all the system profiles. It is a graphical representation of system-level equipment. It provides current information on the parameters monitored for the profile along with configuration parameter details.

| New and Updated Docs

Setting Up the Central Plant Schematic

Central Plant Builder Nuances, Validations and Restrictions

Central Plant Master View Configuration

Central Plant Hover View Configuration

Central Plant Click View Configuration

Equip Graphics for System Profile

| Versions

Internal Portal 1.926.0 & 1.928.0
Facilisight Portal 1.903.0 & 1.905.0
CPM Service 0.0.96
CPM UI 1.39.0 & 1.49.0



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