Fore note: This article was created as a rough guideline and description of solutions available. For more specific details on performing this, please reach out to or your sales rep.

Problem / Opportunity:

Some steam meters do not offer MODBus or BACNet integrations and only utilize a (4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 2-10VDC) control signal that monitors the flow of the steam meter. Since this lacks MODBus or BACNet, we can monitor this with a Hypertstat.



Using a HyperStat we can configure this with the Sense profile (soon to be renamed to Monitoring) and enabling either AI 1 or AI 2 (or both) and selecting 0-10VDC range, we can now monitor and log the steam meter flow readings.

To make these values meaningful / useful, we can use a Weble and Site Manager to scale and convert the raw values into actual readings. See steps below for more details.

  1. Using Site Manager to Create a duplicate pseudo device
    • Open site manager and navigate to the site you are working on. 
    • Go to the correct floor and add a new zone.
    • After the zone has been created, you will want to create a new equip.
      • Adding a new equip will open the dialogue box for choosing and configuring the correct equipment.
      • Search for steamMeter, and follow the steps as needed.
    • After the equipment has been added, copy the equipRef to use in the Weble.
  2. Using the Weble to scale, convert and write to the pseudo device
    • With the equipRef, access the Weble and create Two new gateways using the 75F API.
    • Use One of the gateways to access the HyperStat (use site explorer to get the equipRef) and pull the raw data for AI1, 2 or both.
    • Leveraging the Weble native tools, configure the scale (if basic scaling is needed) or configure a circuit (if advanced scaling is needed) to get the proper and accurate readings from the raw data.
    • Before tying this altogether, go back to the second gateway and using the equipRef of the equipment created using site manager, pull the data that you now want to write the proper values and data to.
    • Connect this altogether with a single route, and boom! Monitoring steam meters for less than ~$1,000.


  • For a relatively low price point, steam meters can now be monitored and recorded back to the 75F Front End.



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