| Important Enhancements and Fixes

Message Persistence

With the message persistence messages are no longer lost due to the CCU or app restart due to various reasons in the field.

When CCU lost Connectivity

After CCU resumes Connectivity

Tracking OTA to Completion

The implementation provides the support users with the capability to track the OTA progress using custom visualization.

Different statuses are used as Enums for the point used in the visualization.


Improved CCU replacement
The implementation comes with the capability to reattempt the CCU replacement process when, there is a failure of the process.
It also provides the capability to pause the replacement at any point of time in the process.
"Not Installed" Option for Reheat type.
With this, the " Not Installed" option will be available for selection under the reheat type for all the VAV reheat type terminal profiles.
Summary table Points Writeable Capability.
This provides the capability to set any points as writeable so that values for the points can be written at different levels in a priority array based on selection.
It also allows for bulk edit of values for a parameter.
Tag-based Search on Heatmap Notes
The implementation provides the user with the ability to tag notes created in the heatmap to different zones and floors in the building,
It also allows the user to search notes using the tags used.
Zendesk Chat Integration
The ability to chat with the support using the Zendesk chat as well is embedded within the facilisight. The facility managers can now access the same chat with support to address their queries faster.

| New and Updated Docs

Message Tracing

OTA Progress Updates

Replace an Existing CCU

Internal Portal Heatmap- Latest

Chat Integration for Facilisight

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Internal Portal
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