| Important Enhancements and Fixes

Backfill Strategy Enhancement

The Feature provides the capability to define a range for which the CCU data needs to be backfilled after the CCU comes online after being offline for a while.

The implementation is such that, CCU would start backfilling the recent data first and then until the defined time interval, once it is online after being offline for some time.

Setting Backfill Time from CCU, Installer options screen.

HyperStat Sense Renamed to Monitoring

The HyperStat sense profile is now the HyperStat Monitoring profile.


CCU as BACnet Server with BACapp Support
BACapp is a powerful utility app designed to seamlessly integrate with RENATUS. Its enhanced capability provides efficient communication with BACnet devices using the Haystack protocol. Built with simplicity and reliability, BACapp operates in the background.
User Intent Breakdown for Audit Trail
A feature implementation that provides more information on the specific device/sensor/scheduler change that originated user intent changes and it also reduces the noise that user intent changes produce in the Audit trail. This information would be available under the 'who' field in the Audit trail.

| New and Updated Docs

CCU Data Back Fill Strategy Enhancement

HyperStat Monitoring Profile

Audit Trail

CCU as BACnet Server with BACapp Support

| Versions

Internal Portal
Facilisight portal
Facilisight App
Occupant App



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