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If you have ever been working in PAM, Portfolio Analytics Manager, and wondered what all of those other widget types were, now you can configure your site to use them on your own! 

Layout Your Energy Tree

All of the energy comes to your site and gets distributed to each floor and then to each piece of equipment. What you need to do to create your tree is start by moving all of your zones to their appropriate place(s) in the energy tree. Typically you will be placing your zones under their corresponding floors for the types of energy they use. If you place it next to the floor, it will be considered a subpanel controlling the floor. You will only place things next to the floor if it is a subpanel meter. 


Input your plate data

Now what you need to do is input your plate data from each piece of equipment. This can be time-consuming. But doing it correctly, will give you a very clear picture of where you energy is going in your site. 


Click on the little 'i' in each zone you dropped in the tree. 

Now read the nameplate from you equipment and pull out the Compressor RLA. Fan RLA, and Heating BTUs. 

Convert your RLAs into kW and input into the HVAC Electricity for that equip. 

Next convert your BTUs into kBTU and input that value into the energy configuration for the HVAC Gas equip. 

Use the data! 

Now go to PAM to create a dashboard using the numerous energy widget to tell a story! 




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