Logging onto Facilisight from a new user/account.

Welcome to our Facilisight app! Facilisight is a helpful tool for any site/zone that you manage. In this article I'll quickly go over a guide to get you set up and logged in if this is your first time accessing our site.


Lets start by introducing how this process will all start. In order to get access to a site you will need to be added to the site via a support agent or by the primary or secondary user(s). If you are a primary or secondary user looking for how to add more people to your site please refer to this article on adding a new user to your site.


First Login Steps

Now that we have you added as a new user it is only a short jump to get you to be able to access your site, here is how the process will go:

-You will want to access our site for Facilisight at

-Once you see the page that says "75F Gatekeeper" you'll want to enter in the email that was used when support or the facility/secondary managers set up your account.

-Once the email is entered you'll get a popup that says "Hi, Welcome to 75F" followed by a request to enter a 6 digit security pin. This pin will be sent to you in a new email.

-Go back and check your email and look for a new email from 75f, inside this email you'll find your 6 digit code. Go ahead and enter that into the Facilisight login page and you should now have a prompt asking you to enter a password.

-Enter your password and then you should have access to the Facilisight homepage with the site you've been added to on the left side.


Below is a video recorded that walks through the steps listed above.









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