Welcome to your 75F Homepage on Facilisight. From here is where you can get into the bulk of your site changing and viewing activities. For this quick intro article and video I'll be walking you through all the tabs and quick access data you can get through your homepage.



Your heatmap is the first thing you'll see after logging in and selecting on your site you want to view. What it will look like is a group on zones in geometrical shapes, and the first thing you will notice about this zones will most likely be their colors. These colors for every zone do have a meaning for each color we show. On the top right of your heatmap you can see a gradient scale with numbers below it and colors above it. If your zone is blue that means that this zone is colder than its desired cooling temp, if your zone is red that means that your zone is above its desired heating temp, and if your zone is green that means your zone is within that goldilocks zone and is perfect. 


Desired Temps

Above in the heatmap paragraph I mentioned heating and cooling desired temps which relate to your zones temps and the color it will show on the zone. your desired temps are set through your scheduling of each zone or the building schedule. On the heatmap of your site you can see these desired temps through the numbers listed below your zone names, you will see 3 numbers listed, and these numbers will be different colors, the first number listed on the left is a dynamic number, this number is your current temp in that zone. The second number listed is a static number and is in red, this is your heating desired temp, and the third number listed is also a static number, this one in blue, and is your cooling desired.


Dropdown Menu

On the top right of your heatmaps screen you can see 3 bars if you select this menu icon you will see a dropdown menu with different tabs that represent different aspects of your site.

Heatmap: This tab will show you what you see when you first select your site to view, it is the screen with all of your zones laid out with their colored temp indicators, and their current temps and names.

Buildings: The buildings tab will show you your building schedule as well as special schedules and vacations set for the entire building.

System Operations: under this tab is where you can see your CCU status', its conditioning mode its occupancy status, its equipment status, and its intrinsic schedule.

Zones: The zones tab is another way of viewing the status of each zone, under the zone tab you can search for your zone in the top left of the zone names. When selecting a zone yo can view its current operating status, its zone priority, and its schedule which you can change between named schedule and zone schedule.


Top Right Menu

On the top right of your Facilisight page you'll see a couple of icons along with your name. The first icon listed is your alerts. Under this tab you can see a list of all recent alerts (to better interoperate alerts click here). Next to the alerts icon you can see your name, if you hover over your name you will get a drop down menu that says "Account" and "Logout" your account tab is where you can access or change information relating to your account. Next to that you will see a 3x3 box indicator if you hover over this you will see another drop down menu. From this menu you can access user management, and your named schedules.






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