| Important Enhancements and Fixes

Revamped Scheduler V2

The new scheduling system simplifies the workflow of schedules and user limits at various levels and eases the need for custom applications.

Building Schedule to Building Occupancy

The Building Schedule in the heatmap page of the internal portal for the site will no longer have the desired temperatures and will henceforth represent the start and stop time of the building.


Zone, Named, & Special Schedules Enhancement

With the building schedule no longer in the system, enhancements have been made to the zone, named and special schedules in the system to address custom requirements for the user at a zone level.


Installer User Groups

Certified installers or integrators have access to a range of features within the system, including the Facilisight portal, audit trail, custom alerts, analytics, parameters, summary tables, energy configurations, site manager, site sequencer, remote access, and building options through certifications.


Modbus Profiles Integrated Via Hayloft

Any Modbus protocol-based model added to the Hayloft can be brought into the CCU to be used as a profile in for zone and data for the same can be visualized in CCU and portals.


Central Plant Manager - Parallel Pump Connections

The 75F central plant manager introduces the concept of L- Bends to favor parallel pump connections where two pumps placed in parallel to each other.


| New & Updated Docs

Introduction to Revamped Scheduler 

Existing Sites Migration to Scheduler V2

Building Occupancy

Building Occupancy (App Version)

Creating, Applying, and Editing Named Schedules

Editing and Applying Zone Schedules (App Version)

Editing and Applying Zone Schedules

Creating, Applying, and Editing Special Schedules

Creating and Editing Special Schedules (App Version)

Scheduler Validations

Installer User Group: Certified Installer & Integrator Roles

Installers Summary Tables

Installers Heatmap Notes

Central Plant Manager- Parallel Pump Connection

Modbus Profiles Integrated Via Hayloft

Setting Up the Central Plant Digital Twin

HyperStat Auto Screen Brightness Setting

| Versions

CCU Version 2.1.13
Internal Portal 2.28.0
Facilisight 2.25.0
Occupant App 2.0.2







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