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Hyperstat Split - CPU & Economizer Profile

The 75F HyperStat Split Conventional Package Unit & Economizer profile is a standalone profile, that provides heating, cooling, and Economizer equipment controls for conditioning.


Central Plant with Lead Lag Chillers

The CPM application now can connect the chilled water leaving the pipe sub-equip of one chiller to the chilled water entering the pipe sub-equip of another chiller through a connector pipe for lead lag chillers.


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Summary Table

HyperStat Split- CPU & Economizer Profile

Existing Sites Migration to Scheduler V2

Scheduler Validations

DAB Staged RTU - Wiring/ Configuration

DAB Staged RTU w/ VFD Fan - Wiring/Configuration

DAB Fully Modulating AHU - Wiring/ Configuration

DAB Modulating AHU with DCWB

Central Plant with Lead Lag Chillers

Delete/ Reorder Floors from Internal Portal

Message Persistence

Message Tracing

Audit Trail

View, Export & Share Central Plant

| Versions

Facilisight Portal 2.49.0
Facilisight App 2.0.9
Internal Portal 2.53.0
CCU 1.642.8



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