Use a zone schedule when any desired temperature adjustments should be maintained across occupied times.

Use a named schedule when desired temperature adjustments should revert back to the desired temperature setpoints as set in the occupancy schedule.


There are three differentiators between Named Schedules and Zone Schedules.

1. Named schedules can be bulk applied across multiple zones in one or multiple buildings.  Zone schedules can only be applied to one zone.

2. The zones that are applied to Named Schedules are shown in the "Scheduling" section of Facilisight.  Zone schedules are only identified on the zone where it's applied.


3. When a Named Schedule is applied and a Hyperstat, Hypersense, or Hyperstat Split is used in the space, Desired Temperature adjustments revert back to the Named Schedule parameters at the next scheduled day.  Zone Schedules will change the default desired temperatures only when the changes are made again.




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