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The Smart Stat is a major upgrade to your existing thermostat with an easy retrofit drop-in replacement for your current stat. 


  • Take all precautions normally taken when installing a thermostat (e.g. not in direct sunlight, not on an exterior wall, not near heat-producing equipment)
  • Disconnect power before installing. Never connect or disconnect wiring with power applied
  • Install by all State and local codes.


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sound
  • VOC/ CO2
  • Lux levels
  • Occupancy Detection
  • Local interface 
  • Wireless communication to Central Control Unit (CCU)


  • Operating Environment: 0°F – 122°F
  • Power Consumption: <1VA


Mounting Guidelines. Some of the sensors on the Smart Stat are location-dependent. If you plan to use occupancy, make sure that the Smart Stat faces the room. If you plan to use Dynamic Light Balancing make sure the Stat is not in direct sunlight or facing a very dark corner of the room.

Mount the Smart Stat back (Subbase). Level the Smart Stat in the desired mounting location and mark the holes on each side. Drill a 5/16” hole and insert the provided anchors. Screw the sub base into place using the provided #6-32 1” screws.


Mount the Smart Stat. Take the front half of the Smart Stat, line up with the sub base, and push until you hear a snap on each side. 


Wiring a Smart Stat. Wiring a Smart Stat may vary depending on the type of equipment you choose. Please reference the application-specific wiring diagram for your case. For application-specific wiring and configuration articles use the link below. 

Smart Stat Terminal Applications

Using a Remote Temperature Sensor for Current Temp


Pair the Smart Stat to a zone that has been preconfigured or create and configure a zone yourself through Setup > Floor Plan on the CCU.

Once power is supplied to the system and all Smart Stats are displaying the default room.

  1. Disconnect the tablet from the CM and carry it with you. The pairing will be performed using Bluetooth.
  2. On the Smart Stat use a paper clip or piece of solid wire and press the mode button in the upper left for 5sec. The screen will show Advertising. 
                                               Smart_Stat_Update.png    mceclip8.png
  3. On the tablet choose the zone you wish to pair and press “Pair Module.” The pairing process will start. If no zones are displayed you will need to add all floors and rooms before pairing. Choose the type of profile the Smart Stat will be. 


  4. Select Smart Stat Device Type. 


  5. Select the Terminal Profile the Smart Stat will be controlling.  


  6. Follow the pairing steps on the Smart Stat and press Pair. 


  7. The tablet will request a PIN. Enter the PIN displayed on the Smart Stat in the zone you are pairing.


  8. Pairing process will take a few more seconds and then complete displaying “Success” on the screen. After a few more seconds the Smart Stat will display the new zone name. The tablet will not display any zone data until it is reconnected to the CM where it will communicate over a 900Mhz channel.



Configure the Smart Stat. Once the Smart Stat pairs successfully the CCU will display the Smart Stat room parameters. Here you will need to select the equipment and external sensors that the Smart Stat will be controlling. 





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