3 Minute Read

| How it Works

Using the Modbus pulse the SmartNode will read every minute the current kWh of the Schneider 3150 or other Modbus Schneider energy meter in the same family, 3455 for example. These points will be plotted in the trending data on Facilisight.  

| Wiring

Control Wiring 

To wire the Schneider meter to a SmartNode please use the diagram below. You will be provided a 4 Pin cable that will plug into the RS485 port on the SmartNode on one end and be cut on the other end to land the wires directly on the meter. 

Load Wiring

To wire the load side of the Schneider meter please refer to the attached 3150 installation guide. Depending on the load you plan to measure your wiring diagram may vary. 


| Configuration 

When pairing the SmartNode you will need to choose the Energy Meter profile. Once you have paired the SmartNode Successfully as an Energy Meter you will need to confirm the parameters are set correctly on the meter itself. Once these values are set, the energy consumption data will begin streaming. 

Configuring the Schneider 3150 to communicate to the SmartNode is easy. You will need to set a Slave address and configure the frequency. 


Press and hold the OK and ESC buttons simultaneously to enter the configuration menu. Press the V button once to show Frequency. The frequency needs to be set to 60Hz. If it is not, press the OK button and press the V button until 60Hz is displayed. Click OK when 60 Hz is displayed. 

Slave Address

To set the slave address click the V button until Communication is displayed. Click OK to enter. The slave address needs to be set to 001. Once 001 is displayed click OK. Click ESC and then OK to leave the configuration menu. 

Baud Rate - 9600

Parity - None

CT Secondary

(only for models with CT) 0.333V or manufacturer-recommended setting. 

Once the values above are set, the SmartNode will begin receiving data from the meter. Next, you will pair the SmartNode as a DAB or lighting zone. 

Once the SmartNode and Energy meter are wired, paired, and communicated the Energy Meter will show up in the Sensor Data row in Facilisight trending data. The value will read 'rate(total)'.


| Troubleshooting

Meter is not counting up - If you are using a 3455 or similar with wired CTs and the KWh is not counting up as anticipated. The magic happens under the P, Q,& S settings, the active power reading has to be a positive number. If the reading is negative, First check that the label on the CTs that says 'toward source' is oriented correctly. If it is the next step is to reverse the wiring on the CT one at a time until that number reads positive. 




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