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| How it Works

The 75F CCU utilizes a hard-wired backup sensor that is connected directly to the CCU.  This sensor comes standard with every CCU.  This sensor can be enabled for 'Temperature Influencing', which will enable that 'backup' as a zone in the system.  This is useful for standalone-CCU applications as well as adding additional temperature averaging to existing zones.  When enabled, you may assign the new zone any priority you like.  As well as apply an offset to the sensor if needed.  

| Wiring

This profile uses the existing Wall Sensor connected to the CCU. Use the wiring instructions for the System Profile you have selected. 

| Configuration


Zone Priority

Sets the priority of the CCU as a zone amongst potentially other Smart Node zones that will be used for controlling the unit. Low = 1, Normal = 10, High = 50 in the weighted average calculation for staging the equipment on and off. 

Temp Offset

Used to calibrate the temperature being reported by the Wall Sensor connected to the CCU. 




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