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| System Operation Modes  

The system implements four different modes to control how the building is used and call for HVAC needs. 

Off: The entire system is off, thus not running. 

Auto: The system is now in auto mode, this is the most used mode for it allows the system to automatically switch the conditioning mode to be in, heating or cooling. 

Cool Only: Only cooling will be available during this mode when the temperature is over the desired set point. 

Heat Only: The heating system is triggered when the system is showing under the desired temperature. 


To change the mode of your system operations in Facilisight you would:

1. Click on the System Operations tab.

2. Select the mode you are wanting.

3. Hit SAVE and a pop-up will appear to show the change was successfully made. 



These changes are also available using your CCU: 

1. Select 'System' at the top of your CCU screen.

2. Select either Off, Auto, Cool Only, or Heat Only.  








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