| How to determine if a Smart Stat zone is in a dead condition and possible remedies

Objective - Use Facilisight Heatmap zone condition indicators to determine if there is an issue with the data coming from a particular Smart Stat zone.



| Normal

Normally, a zone on a heat map shows as a healthy green, indicating that the zone is close to the desired setpoint. In the example below, the zone in the middle, called Utility Room is green and reports a temperature that is close to the desired temperature. 



| Symptoms

For the example below, people in Utility Room Zone contacted you stating the zone felt chilly. At first glance in Facilisight, the zone shows the green color above. When you clicked on the zone, the data graph (as shown below), indicates the current temp has been 65'F since midnight. Looking at the current temperature on the graph (orange flatline) indicates a possible power issue with the Smart Stat or communication between the Smart Stat and the CCU.



| Remedy

Remedy for a Power Issue - If there is a blank screen on the display of the Smart Stat, please verify that the wires are properly seated in the terminal block(first terminal black & second terminal red) and providing 24VAC. (To check voltage, the process involves removing the face of the Smart Stat and using a voltmeter. You may want to contact a qualified HVAC service technician). If 24VAC is not present, the issue can usually be resolved by an HVAC service technician. If the Smart Stat is getting the proper voltage but does not have a backlit display it may need to be replaced.

Remedy for a Connection Issue - If the Smart Stat is powered up and shows a good temperature on its display but is still not providing that data to Facilisight, it may be due to a communication issue between the Smart Stat and CCU.  To resolve the issue, delete the Smart Stat module from the CCU and re-pair the Smart Stat.







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