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| How it works

The Daikin VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin, to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building.

The Daikin VRV profile in the 75F system was introduced to control Daikin VRV equipment.

You can use this profile to enable connectivity of 75F HyperStat with 75F CCU and 75F cloud platforms for monitoring and controlling user settings and field settings of a Daikin VRV.

The HyperStat is used to control the mode of operation, fan speed, airflow direction, temperature setpoints, and humidity for the Daikin VRV indoor units.

The HyperStat acts as a master controller, with a display of error codes, display and configuration of field settings, start/stop test operation, display and reset of filter status, and display of indoor unit thermistor values.

Once the communication is established between the HyperStat and the CCU.

You can see the CCU starting to communicate to the 75F cloud over building Wi-Fi and the remote apps reflect the data communicated by the CCU to the cloud.

Check out this article for what IDUs are supported by the HyperStat: Supported VRV Indoor Units (IDUs)

Note: A zone can only have a single VRV.

| Wiring

You can connect the 75 HyperStat and Daikin Indoor unit using a simple 2-wire interface called P1P2. Power supply and data transmission is carried over these lines.

You can connect the HyperStat CCU using a wireless mesh network via Bluetooth.


| Configuration

Initial Setup


  • You can connect one HyperStat to each indoor unit.
  • You can connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • You can have only one 'Master' in the entire network, but there can be many 'Non-Master'
  • You can see the indication for the Indoor Unit connection initialization using the "IDU Status" in the HyperStat once paired.


From the Select Device Type screen in the CCU.

  1. Select the HyperStat option


HyperStat| Select device type screen is displayed

  1. Select VRV option.

Note: The VRV option is available for selection only if the VRV profile is enabled for the HyperStat.


The Daikin VRV configuration screen is displayed

You can configure the required parameters in the configuration screen.


Configuration Parameters

The configuration screen displays the following

  • Temp Offset
  • Humidity SPMin(%)
  • Humidity SPMax(%)
  • Master Controller

The table below talks about the configuration parameters.



Default Value

Values in the drop-down list

Temp Offset


To set the temperature offset

0 (°F)

Range from -10 to + 10 in .1 increments  


Humidity SPMin(%)


To set the minimum Target Humidity Value


Range from 20% to + 100% in 20% increments  


Humidity SPMax(%)

To set the maximum Target Humidity Value


Range from 20% to + 100% in 20% increments  

Master Controller

To set the HyperStat as master or not-master

Not master



Note: If a master controller is enabled, based on the operation of the master, the operations available under the indoor unit vary.

Once the Parameter are configured.

  1. Click Set to confirm the parameters set.

The Configured Daikin VRV profile in CCU and portal is displayed as below.













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