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| Overview

A Named Schedule is a schedule type that was introduced in the 75F system to make life easier for the Facility and Organization managers. If you are an organization manager who handles the BMS for multiple buildings (or a facility manager who handles many zones in a building), we found it could become a tedious and time-consuming task to go and add/update the zone schedules for every individual zone in every building. With the introduction of the Named Schedule in the 75F system, the organization manager can set schedules for individual zones in multiple buildings. Better yet, it's achieved through a simple selection from a dropdown! Additionally, when the set schedule needs to be changed, making said change in the named schedule will automatically perform your desired change in all places using the schedule.

| Accessing Named Schedules

The named schedule can be accessed from both internal and Facilisight portals.

From the Facilisight portal home page:


  • Click the menu mceclip2.png icon and select Named Schedule.


The following named schedule screen is displayed:

  • Select the organization scope in the 'select organization' field.


Once an organization is selected, the screen displays all named schedules already created for the organization.


The table below explains the fields that are shown in the snapshot above:

Field Description
Search You can use this field to search for a particular named schedule in the list using keywords. This becomes particularly useful if there are a large number of named schedules existing within your organization. 
Rows per page You can use this field to select your desired number of rows of named schedules that are listed per page. 
Next & Previous screen You can use this field to toggle between the next and previous pages to view all results from your search.

| Creating Named Schedules

To create the named schedules:

  • Click the option 'Add Named Schedule'.

The following add-named schedule window is displayed:


  • Enter the schedule name and description.

Note: Special characters are not allowed in the name of the named schedule.


  • Click save to create the schedule.

The named schedule is now created with your default desired temperature and work week schedule.


| Editing Named Schedules

To edit the named schedules:

  • Click the edit mceclip3.png icon next to the schedule.

The following 'schedule edit' window is displayed with options to edit the schedule, add a new schedule, and view the details of the zones to which the named schedule is applied to.


  • Carry out editing your preferences for set temperature, schedule timings, and number of days.

Note: The set desired temperatures can change without varying the other (the Heating Desired Temperature without varying the Cooling Desired Temperature, and the Cooling Desired Temperature without varying the Heating Desired) based on a certain criterion set. For more information refer to the article on Overlapping User limits for Heating and Cooling

  • Click 'Add entry' to add a new entry to the schedule.



  • Click Save to confirm the changes made to the schedule and finalize your named schedule.

The following confirmation should appear to verify the update:



Note: You can add a 24 hour schedule


| Rules for Editing the Named Schedule Once Applied to Zones

Once a named schedule is applied for zone(s) in the same building or multiple buildings, the named schedule creation screen displays relevant details as shown below:


Certain guidelines are set for editing the Named schedule to avoid any potential confusions that can arise when named schedules are edited without said guidelines.

As a Primary / Secondary Facility Manager

  • You can always edit a named schedule if the same is not applied to any zones in other buildings.
  • You can edit the named schedule if it is applied only to zones in the building in which you are a Primary Facility Manager.

As an Organization Manager

  • You can always edit a named schedule regardless of which buildings it applies to.

When one attempts to edit a named schedule that is applied to zones with 'desired values' that fall outside of the criteria for the desired temperatures, a warning message displays during the editing process as shown below:


This makes the user aware of building preferences before applying the named schedule so that they may edit their selections as they see fit.

As a part of the Globalization Support

As a part of globalization, once the temperature unit preferences are set in the user management section, the same is cascaded to all areas in which the named schedule has its effect as shown below:




Changes Observed in Audit Trail




Any actions- such as Add, Edit, and Delete- in the named schedule will appear in the Audit Trail.

  • If a named schedule is created, the audit trail will capture it as an 'Added' action. It will then capture the schedule's name, days of implementation, desired temps, and start/end time for each entry. 
  • If a named schedule is deleted, the audit trail will capture it as a 'Deleted' action, and capture the name of said schedule.
  •  If the characteristics of a named schedule are changed for any zone, the audit trail will capture the name of the schedule, label it as 'Edited', and document the zones affected.
  • Audit trail will also capture if a named schedule is applied to any new zones



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