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| Overview

In the 75F BMS, wireless capabilities are excellent, it's evident from remote control capabilities that are already in place, we can access most of the building controls and modify them from the portals.

The Facilisight does provide a little less compared to the Internal support portal, through which one could pretty much do everything that can be done on a CCU in the building but remotely from anywhere.

A further step in the remote capabilities of the portal is the "Remote Installer Options", with the introduction of this feature, the building limits which can be set or modified only via CCU can now be done remotely from the Internal portal.

It also provides the capability to switch the unit preference for temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, remotely.

| Accessing and Modifying the Remote Installer Options

The Remote Installer Options can be accessed through Facilisight Assist in the Internal Portal

From the Internal portal heatmap page.

  • Select the Facilisight Assist


The Facilisight assist screen is displayed.


  • Select the site in scope.
  • Click the Remote Installer Options.


The remote installer options screen is displayed with the building temperature limits slider and the Use Celsius


Below are the screen captures from the physical CCU device, before any change is made in the remote installer options screen.

| The Installer Screen in the CCU 


| Zones screen in the CCU 


  • Use the temperature slider in the installer option screen, to modify the building temperature limits.


  • Use the Use Celsius toggle to enable or disable Celsius as a unit of temperature.


  • Enter the reason for the changes


  • Click Update

The configuration changed successfully message is displayed below.


The configuration changes are changed and cascaded successfully to CCU.

Below are the references for the same.

| Installer Options Screen in CCU


| Zones Screen in CCU


For more effects in the CCU due to the Change refer to Celsius Support in CCU

Note: The Celsius toggle enabled will not just reflect the temperature unit as Celsius in that CCU but also cascades the Celsius as the unit of temperature to all the other CCUs, and the nodal/end devices (HyperStat, SmartNode, HelioNode) paired to the CCUs in that building.


For queries related to the conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius, refer to Fahrenheit & Celsius- Conversion Rounding off Strategy.




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