Tuners are the features of 75F system,  that are a set of predefined parameters that can be modified or changed in order to customize and finely tune the system's functioning to cater to specific building types and specific customer needs.

These tuner variables play a vital role in controlling the algorithm steps and functioning of different profiles.

Tuners provides the users with the capability to fine tune the tuner parameters at 4 different levels.

You can access Tuners from site level by clicking Settings and clicking Tuners. This helps you set tuner values at the building, system, zone, or module level.

Editing Tuners at Building, System, Zone, or Module Level (Site Level)

You can edit tuners for a site at building, system, zone, or module level from the Settings menu.

  • Log onto the Facilisight portal.
  • Select a site for which you want to edit the tuners.
  • Click the site and click icon1.png icon appearing on the far-left corner of the page.
  • Click Settings.

The Settings page is displayed.


  • From the Floor Planner, select a floor from the dropdown list. The floor plan is displayed along with the zones.
  • Click Tuners to expand it. 

The Tuners section is displayed.



  • Select the level at which you would like apply the tuner, you are wishing to edit, it can be building/system/zone/module level, the parameter tuners list differ for different levels.
  • Use the search field to search for a tuner parameter or type in the keyword in the tuner to filter the results, or look for the the tuner parameter in the list by scrolling over the list.
  • Locate the tuner.
  • Click the Edit edit1.png icon against the tuner you want to edit.


You can see the default value for the tuner parameter in the right top corner, in this case the tuner parameter is the coolingDeadband for which the default value is 2.

You can also see only the level that was selected for applying the tuner change is enabled for editing, in this can the zone level. 

  • Select the tuner parameter value to which you would like to apply from the zone level dropdown.


  • Click Save to apply the value change selected.

The change get applied to the Tuner parameter.


  • Click the reset mceclip5.png icon to reset the change value to none.
  • Provide the reason for the change in the Reason for Tuner Change field.
  • Click apply to apply the change to the system at the zone level.

The Apply Tuners pop up window is displayed to reconfirm the change made to the tuner parameter value.


The callout shows that the tuner parameter CoolingDeadband value is change at level 10 which is at the zone level to 2.5.

  • Click Apply to apply the tuner values for the selected system(s).

A pop up confirming all changes saved is displayed


You can follow the same steps to edit tuners at other available levels(Building, System and Module)

Changes made to the tuner value at different level effects the Algorithm and functioning of the system at that level based on the change made.





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