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Traditional thermostats act as a relay board, only passing power through a relay to the proper relays.  The displays and relays are normally powered with one or two small DC batteries.

The HyperStat is powered by 24 VAC and requires a C/Common wire.  Because of this, there are multiple factors that can cause the HyperStat to behave differently than the traditional thermostat.

If power cycling occurs, here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the voltage with the HyperStat powered, but without any calls for fan, heating, cooling, etc. 
  2. If you are not receiving a minimum of 24 volts, check the transformer without the HyperStat connected.  If the transformer is still supplying less than 24 volts, check your primary power and replace the transformer.
  3. If the HyperStat is receiving a minimum of 24 volts, trace the power wiring to ensure that there are no components that could be interrupting the power to the HyperStat.  Safety switches, such as condensate pan liquid level switches, are sometimes tied into this circuit.

Note: It's strongly recommended that the HyperStat has a dedicated power supply that is not shared with any other components and is not interrupted by safety switches.  If you find safety switches tied into the power supply circuit, use the "Door/Window Switch" option on the HyperStat and wire it to the proper input.

  1. If there is nothing that could open the 24v supply to the HyperStat, first run the HyperStat in fan-only (G call only).  If the HyperStat power cycles at this point, verify this wire is properly landed and is does not have a short or is not grounded.
  2. Perform the same, except next with the Fan + One stage of cooling.  Then Fan + One Stage of Heating.

If you still have not resolved your HyperStat Power Cycling condition, contact 75F Support for more assistance.




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