We now have a Niagara driver (X75F) that provides two-way integration between Niagara stations and our API. That means:

  • We can pull points from a 75F Site into a Niagara station.
  • 75F setpoints and tuners appear as writable proxy points, and can be written to from the station.
  • Non-75F points can be modeled in Facilisight by creating them in Site Manager and writing to them from the station.

There are a few prerequisites to setting up communication with a site via X75F:

  1. Authorization as an API user (with a username, password, and subscription key). For now, this means API access in Staging. The Production API is not currently configured to communicate with X75F.
  2. The API user account needs to be a Facilisight user on the site they would like to access. Again, this only applies to Staging sites for now.
  3. X75F needs to be installed on the station. For now, this will also require manually adding the module's self-signed certificate.

From there, setting up communications with a site requires only a few steps in the station.

Add an X75FNetwork

In our driver, an X75FNetwork represents a single API user. This user can connect to multiple sites in one  station if they have access to them.

When a X75FNetwork is added to a station, its initial status will be "{down}" because it is missing required API user info. The user needs to set the following slots:

  • Credentials: API Username and Password
  • Api Subscription Key: subscription key matching the Credentials

Once all these slots are set, the X75FNetwork will attempt a ping to test connectivity.

If the user info is correct and the station has internet connectivity, the ping will succeed and the status will change to "{ok}" or "{unackedAlarm}:

Add X75FSites

X75FSite is the component at the device layer of the driver. It does, in fact, model a site.

The only slot that need to be set by the user is the Site Id. This can be found in Facilisight using Site Explorer.

Once the Site Id is set, the X75FSite will attempt a ping. If the Site Id matches a site the user has Facilisight access to, the status will change to "{ok}" or "{unackedAlarm}":

Once these components are set up, points will be discoverable under the X75FSite.






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