Which points in a station write to the 75F cloud?

If a 75F point has a writable tag, it can be written to the 75F cloud. Points with this tag will be discovered into the station as writable Niagara points (BooleanWritable, EnumWritable, or NumericWritable).

In Niagara, writable points have 17 input slots (In1 to Fallback).

The highest-priority value -- the one that's normally written to the point's Out slot -- will be written to the 75F cloud. This is what appears in the proxy extension's Write Value slot.

For an example, let's write to a writable co2Threshold setpoint from our station:


If we go to Site Explorer in Facilisight and look for the same point, we can see that it is updated:

How often do points write to the cloud?

Points write to the cloud on change-of-value, subject to a minimum (default: 5 minutes) and maximum (default: 15 minutes) time between writes.


How do I change those defaults?

Under the SeventyFiveFNetwork, go to Tuning Policy, then Default Policy:


Min Write Time is the minimum write interval. Max Write Time is the maximum write interval.

Note that points are only written from 75F CCUs to the cloud once per minute. So, setting a Min Write Time of less than 1 minute is not recommended.

Do writable 75F points have priority arrays, like BACnet and Niagara points?

Yes. They're explained here.

On the 75F side:

  • All writes from the SeventyFiveF are done at Level 7. It doesn't matter which In slot is used on the point.
  • Writes from a CCU are normally done at Level 8.
  • Writes from Facilisight are normally done at Level 10.

So in most cases, writing from a station will override setpoint or tuner changes made from a CCU or Facilisight.

It sounds like there are exceptions. What could override a setpoint change I make from my station?

Here are the ones we're aware of right now. Each of these exceptions should only apply to space temperature setpoints (heatingDesiredTemp, coolingDesiredTemp, and desiredTemp):

Okay, so I can write to 75F setpoints from a JACE. That's cool, I guess. But is there a way to bring non-75F points into Facilisight through the driver?

Yes. But you have to build the points in the 75F cloud first. The tool for creating custom 75F points is called Site Manager (start here).

Once the points have been created in Site Manager, you can discover them into the station. By writing to the SeventyFiveF proxy points you discovered, you can feed data from your station to Facilisight.




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