| Overview

Wired Hyperstat is a new introduction within the 75F systems. This aspect lets the users wire a Hyperstat to a CCU to aggregate data from the Hyperstat to the cloud and consume the control sequences from the CCU for its operation.

This helps users wire more Hyperstat in the 75F BMS system, in geographies with limited RF bands.

It also enables the Hyperstat usage in an External BMS (BACnet/Modbus), that does not support wireless communication.

| Example

Singapore is a geography where only the 9th and 10th RF channels are made available for the BMS activities. This limits the users to only bands with 9000- 9999 & 10000 to 10999 available for wireless connection and communication.

The wired Hyperstat is an excellent choice for geographies with such restrictions.

| Wiring

Wiring a Hyperstat is as easy as it is to connect the Hyperstat wirelessly. 

You can use an RS485 Daisy Chain Adapter (7X-WA-C5X-X) to wire Multiple Hyperstats in a network.

mceclip0 (2).png

Note: The RS485 cable is only used for communication, and the Hyperstats are powered by the 24V power supply, which can also be daisy-chained for better and easier wiring.

One end of the above-mentioned Daisy Chain Adapter goes into the RS485 port of the Hyperstat

The other end of the Daisy Chain Adapter uses a wire as shown below to continue the daisy chain for communication.

The wires in the communication cable (RS485 system/ twisted pair shielded cable) are connected to terminals A & B of the 6-terminal end.

Note: A Belden RS485 cable is the preferred make.


When the above wire and adapter are used, the following illustrated connection is achieved

Single Hyperstat Wired.png

The actual wired setup is achieved as below, from a test setup.

Single Hyperstat Wired Top Open.jpg

The below image shows the daisy-chained Hyperstat with 24V power wires and RS485 communication wiring.

Daisy Chained Hyperstat.jpg

Note: Based on the connection requirements in an actual field scenario the twisted pairs of wires cable length would vary.

| Termination at CM Board/CCU/ External BMS (BACnet/Modbus).

The wires are terminated at the CM Board using the same RS485 Daisy Chain adapter (7X-WA-C5X-X) as below.

Daisy Chained Hyperstat.jpg

And terminated at the External BMS, as below.

mceclip1 (2).png

| Setting Hyperstat for Wired Communication and Control

When a Hyperstat is used in a wired environment the configuration will have to be set in the device to support the communication.

For more information on modifying the setting in the Hyperstat device for wired communication support refer to

| Feature Availability Versions

Feature Hardware/Firmware Version

The HyperStat wired to CCU or BMS(Modbus/BACnet) for communication

CM 3.43 and above.
The HyperStat wired to CCU or BMS(Modbus/BACnet) for communication HyperStat 1.24 and above





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