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Below are some Use cases from the Developer Portal for API's

1. How do I authenticate my app?

As an external user or developer, You can access the Developer Portal using the Home - 75F - Developer portal 

The welcome page of the developer portal provides the user with 2 options as follows:

  • Option to sign-up for the portal 
  • Option to explore the APIs 

You can access APIs, Products from the welcome page, only if you are a signed-in user. 

  • Click Sign up if you are a first-time user, else click sign in. 

The Signup screen is displayed.


Enter the required details and confirm that you are not a robot by entering the CAPTCHA characters provided.




  • Click Sign Up and Confirm

"User registered successfully" message screen is displayed with instructions to follow and an option to sign- in is displayed. 

A welcome email is generated and sent to the user's email

You can access the portal using the link provided in the email, or using the Sign in option in the registration confirmation screen.

  • Sign in with the email ID and password that was provided during registration and click Sign in. 

Post Authentication

The remaining use cases assume that you've already authenticated and have your access token. Some FAQs are addressed below:

(a) How do I understand how Project Haystack works?

You can visit the official website of Project Haystack to know more about how Project Haystack works. The link to the website can be found on Home – Project Haystack (

(b) How do I understand how tags are used in project Haystack?

The link to the complete list of Project Haystack tags is given below:

tags – Project Haystack (

(c) How do I know more about the haystack equips, and points within the 75F system?

The External Developer needs to log into the Facilisight portal using the credentials set and the navigate to Site explorer tool available under Site>Left Pane>Site Explorer 




(d) What is my zone's actual temperature?

Use the query if the ID of the zone current temp sensor is known. 


If the ID is not known, else Use the query and current and Temp and sensor  


Once the list of all zone current temp is obtained, the developer needs to find which is their zone of interest and apply that value. 





(e) What is the configured mode of my CCU system (heat/cool/off)?


Use the query if the ID of the Occupancy Mode Point is known. 


If the ID of the Occupancy mode point is not known, else use the query and occupancy and mode  


Once the list of all zone current temperatures is obtained, the developers need to find which is their zone of interest and then use that value. 





(f) How do I get a historical runtime of all co2 sensor values from all my zones at my site from September first to October 29th, 2021 (for a specific period)? 


To obtain a historic runtime for a specific period, use the query  if the ID of the Co2 sensor values points across all zones is known,@86b20c9c-68cc-4af9-85eb-4d14c9544336,@4422b8c2-9db9-4941-ab36-7cc45bf79b64,@b6476185-61fe-43b1-a6f4-60f0bba73e2d,@84ac3766-9b8d-4133-8c7c-9790aedd6e0f,@a5697ac9-8ef3-44e2-8ba0-0d5893003e64,@27225c7b-7350-49b2-9156-1e79bba7ae5d,@4c0be570-a83c-4a7c-a3d0-3d976e89e013&range=2021-09-01T00:00:00-05:00 Chicago,2021-10-29T00:00:00-05:00 Chicago" 





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