There are only so many reasons you will not have live data in Facilisight. 

  1. You are not connected to the internet, or traffic is being blocked by your firewall. Check that you have a WiFi or LAN connection and that the cloud connection status indicator says Online. If you have internet connection but your cloud connection status is offline, contact your IT department and ask them if any traffic is being blocked. If it is, you may need to share this whitelist with them. Whitelist for CCU App
  2. You recently connected a CCU to the internet after it had been offline for a period of time. In this case, the CCU has cached potentially a large amount of data that it now has to backfill into the system. When a CCU backfills data, it can take quite some time and currently the CCU does not favor backfilling in any particular order. So it may appear offline from Facilisight for a period of time while it completes this activity. 
  3. You have data coming from the CCU but the zones aren't populating any data. This could be because your zones have lost power or your CCU does not have a connection to the CM to communicate with them. Check that your devices displays are active and check that your CCU has a USB connection and is securely seated on its base. 



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