Step 1: Check that the notifications you have enabled are meaningful to you. 

It is often I find that people have enabled alert notifications that aren't totally relevant to the equipment that they have on the site. If your notification management page looks something like the one below with what looks like everything being blindly selected, you are probably getting some noise. 


I also noticed while writing this that no where can you find a good description on our support site for alerts. Comment on this or write me an email to let us know you're reading this and you'd like one and we will get something together. 

Step 2: Check that there isn't truth to the noise. 

Dig into the notifications you're getting and determine whether or not there is truth to them. For some guidance on how to go about this. Check out this article that walks you through analyzing the top 5 alerts. 

Interpreting Alerts

Step 3: Mute any alerts for areas that are known problems

It takes time to resolve issues, we get it. So if you know your part is 2 months out and you want to limit the amount of noise, mute the alerts for a couple months for the problem areas. 


Step 3: Tune your alerts with the help of 75F support

If you find that all the notifications you have enabled are meaningful to you and you shouldn't have any problem zones, but they are triggering too frequently because the default alert tuning doesn't apply to your equipment. Reach out to 75F support and we can help you get some custom alerts with different tuning setup for you. 




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