There are only a few reasons your 75F device will appear to be power cycling. 

  1.  Low voltage. If your device is flickering on and off it may mean your transformer is weak and should be checked.
  2. Weak Transformer. If your device only appears to power cycle at wider intervals that are seemingly random. It can be that it is associated with a control relay energizing and pulling down a contactor shared by the same transformer. In this case the transformer may have enough power to power the device, but not the device and the contactors. 
  3. Loose Wire. If your device is power cycling at truly random intervals it may be that there is a loose wire somewhere on the power bus. 
  4. Safety Interlock: Sometimes a safety (condensate pan switch, high/low pressure limit, etc.) is wired so that it will break the power or common to a thermostat or controller.  Trace power wiring to ensure interlocks are not causing the power cycling.



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