There can be multiple reasons your Device will not pair. Like any bluetooth device, sometimes your device will require a restart of the bluetooth adapter to properly sync. Below I cover a few common scenarios. 


My CCU is not discovering the advertising MAC address of my device. In this situation, there may be a couple of things to check. 

  • Press the home button (circle in the bottom middle of the screen) so that the app re-homes. Here if you are not prompted to Allow anything, it means there is no action to take. Sometimes you may need to Allow Bluetooth access to the 75F App. If prompted, Allow to all three questions 
  • Use your phone to check if your phone can discover the device you are trying to pair. It will be obious as SmartNode or HYPERSTAT in the device name. You will not be able to use your phone to help pair it. 
    • If you were able to see from your phone, disable and reenable your bluetooth adapter on the CCU to reset it. 
    • If you were not able to see from your phone. Power cycle the device you are trying to pair and try again. 


If you disable and reenable the CCUs bluetooth adapter, try again, and still have issues. Try rebooting the CCU by pressing and holding the power button and pressing reboot. 


The PIN is not being displayed on the device after I pressed on the MAC address.

  • In this case typically the quickest fix is to tap away from the pop up screen looking for you to type in the PIN, and click the MAC address again. Typically the device will now show the PIN. 
  • If that still doesnt work, navigate to the installer options on the device you are trying to pair and Factory reset the node or stat and try again. 



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