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| How it works

It is a replacement for SmartNode, it has all the features the SmartNode had, and it also has inbuilt light, occupancy, temperature-humidity, and CO2 sensors.  

It works seamlessly 'out of the box with the Facilisight suite of applications, with thoughtful design touches which include, large cut-outs making it easy to install when wearing gloves, knurled edges for easy grip, a ring close design that is easy to lock/unlock when up on a ladder, a size that is easy to hold and finger holds behind the base plate to support the unit when pressing the buttons. The HelioNode dramatically cuts down the time to install and commission applications such as  

  • Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB) using Smart Dampers/ external actuators  
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) based on ASHRAE GPC-36  
  • Advanced sequences for occupancy-based demand control ventilation (IAQ) compatible with ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 62.1 2018.  


HelioNode is powered by commonly run 24V ac or dc, using it you can control 2 Smart Dampers, or provide 2 0-10V analogs out signals for external actuators or lights. With 2 relays you can provide additional versatility in terms of switching loads on or off. In addition, with a full RS 485 port with power and a low-voltage sensor bus, you can extend its applications.  

| Configuration

HelioNode is integrated into existing CCUs and is available as a pairable option on the floor planner.

Below is a procedure to pair and configure a HelioNode profile.

From the Select Device type screen

  • Select HN HelioNode.

The SmartNode |HelioNode Select module Type screen is displayed with the following system profile options available for selection.

  • VAV with Reheat
  • Dynamic Airflow Balancing
  • Singel Stage Equipment
  • Pi Loop Controller
  • Energy Meter

Based on the system profile the CCU is controlling the terminal profiles for the HelioNode differs

For a Default System Profile, the HelioNode can support the following terminal profiles.



For a VAV-based System Profile, the HelioNode can support the following terminal profiles.

And under the VAV with Reheat, it can further support the following terminal profiles.


For a DAB-based System Profile, the HelioNode can support the following terminal profiles.


And under the DAB, it can further support the following terminal profiles.


  • Click on any of the terminal-level profiles from any of the options provides for any of the system profiles.

The configuration for the respective profile selected is displayed with the configurable parameters below.


Once the Parameters are configured.

  1. Click Set to confirm the parameters.

The Configured profile for the HelioNode profile of the BPOS is displayed below.


The configured profile for the HelioNode can be accessed from the portals as below.






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