| Introduction

The Central Control Unit (CCU) is one of the most important aspects of the 75F BMS.


It comprises the following.

| Control Mote (CM) Board


The Control Mote (CM) Board forms the base of the central control unit, it is this that is mounted to a dry wall or a wooden surface in the building and powers the CCU unit. It is on this where the CCU tablet is mounted.

| CCU Tablet


The Tablet of the central control unit is a device that is used to control and monitor the building/ system level equipment (AHU / RTU). The 75F BMS software CCU is installed in this tablet, and system-level profiles are configured to selectively control equipment.



CCU is the software part of the central control unit, it is the 75F's proprietary software, that runs on intelligent algorithms. The CCU is used to store, retrieve and manage building-level information.

The Facility manager can visualize the Zone level information, the floor level information, and the Profile level information from a CCU. Modify the desired temperature ranges and so on for more possibilities from a CCU.

CCU, the Central Control Unit with the CM Board, Tablet, and CCU is the master control of the 75F system. It is this that aggregates all the building-level data to the cloud, using interconnected sensors and smart devices.




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