If your CCU is using 10xx for its pairing addresses, but you would like to change the addresses to 20xx, for example, you will need to delete all of the modules off before you can adjust that starting pairing address.
Here is a step by step process to be completed from the tablet:
> Click on the Settings icon on the upper right of the tablet display.
> On the Floor Layout screen, you will see the first module represented as a number directly beneath 'Pair Module'. Press and hold that number until you see 'Delete' displayed. Click Delete.
> Click on the next zone down to display that zone's module and press and hold the number to repeat the deletion process. Continue until you have deleted all of the modules.
> If you have any system devices (like an OAO), click System Devices beneath where it says Add Floor and delete any modules like you did with your zone modules.
> Once you have deleted all of the modules/devices, click where it says 'Settings' towards the top of the tablet. On this new page, select Installer Options (4th icon down).
> Use the Pairing Start Address dropdown to select your new starting pairing address.
> Click where it says 'Floor Layout' and pair your modules using the new pairing addresses you selected.
Note:  When you delete the modules off of the tablet, all of the configuration data specific to that module will be removed. You may want to notate that information before deletion.

For more information, see the following Help Center Article:

CCU Registration and Initial Configuration




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