In a traditional BAS setup, alerts can be generated 24/7.  But what if you only want alerts to generate during unoccupied times when there is nobody in the building?

An example: A restaurant is leveraging 75F for its refrigerator and freezer monitoring.  During times when the refrigerators and freezers are being used frequently, nuisance alerts may be triggered.



Using Custom Alerts, we have the ability to leverage the occupancy at the zone level to schedule times when alerts should not be generated.  In the above example, the restaurant's occupancy schedule may be set for 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.  In this scenario, we would set the custom alert to look at both the occupancy schedule and the temperature conditions, and only generate alerts when the schedule is in the unoccupied state.


If this is a scenario that fits your needs, contact your 75F Support Team at or 888-612-7575.




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