The 5 most valuable alerts are listed below. A user is notified of selected alerts via email, text or push notification. 


  • Airflow Temp Limit Breach

When you receive an alert that your airflow temperature is out of bounds, you should be hearing that "my equipment is not working properly". Before dispatching a mechanical service, let's make sure that this notification is valid using the data. 

  1. You received a notification that your airflow temperature is out of bounds
  2. Ensure the alert is still active through Facilisight
  3. Check the airflow temperatures and compare with runtime. If there is no delta between your current temp and your airflow temperature the alert is considered valid and your mechanical company should be dispatched. 
  • Device Dead

 Smart Device associated with CCU has stopped reporting data. Need to contact 75F Support. 

For a SmartNode see this article. Troubleshooting a SmartNode 

For a Smart Stat see this article. Troubleshooting a Smart Stat

  • CM Dead

The Control Mote, or CM is the CCU docking station. This alert will trigger if there is low or no power being supplied. To determine if yours is functioning correctly you will need a multi-meter capable of reading AC and DC voltage. You will need to test 3 points: 

1. Test input voltage. You input voltage should read 24VAC. 

2. Test the charging output. You charging pins (pins 1 and 5) should read 5VDC. This charges the CCU battery. 


3. Test the USB output. The USB pins (pins 6 and 8) should read 3.3VDC. This confirms the communication circuits are powered. 


If these 3 values read as such your CM is working. If your tablet is not connecting then either the tablet has failed or there is more likely an alignment issue.  

  • Building Temp Limit Breach

This is an alert that is triggered when temperature within your building has breached a critical set point for a set amount of time. This generally will alert to a failure of your HVAC system. Please contact 75F Support or your mechanical contractor. 


  • Cloud Dead 

This alert is for loss of WiFi and thus data is not being sent to the cloud. 

1. Check for the Blue Cloud icon in the upper-left hand corner of the tablet/CCU.  

2. If the cloud is white with a yellow "!" then there is a Wi-Fi connection issue.  

To reconnect see this article. Connecting WiFi/Network Issues




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