| Overview

The floor planner section in the internal portal not only lets the users set up the floor for the site or the building, but it also can rearrange/ reorder floors and delete floors.

With this, the users can rearrange the floors in a site in the order they wish to visualize them in the heatmap pages, and they can also delete the floors.

Not every floor can be deleted, the floor deletion option is only enabled based on certain conditions.

| Accessing the Floor Deletion / Reorder

To access the floor deletion option

  • Access the Facilisight Assist in the internal portal
  • Click the reorder floor option.

The floors reorder window is displayed

| Reorder Floors

  • Drag and drop the floor to reorder, as below

| Delete Floors

  • Hover over the floor to locate the deletable floors.

  • Click the Delete     icon to delete the floor.

A timed confirmation window to confirm floor deletion is displayed.

Once the timer ends the delete option is enabled for action.

  • Click Delete to confirm deletion.

The deleted floors are removed from the window.

  • Click Save to confirm and close the deletions and reorders.

The confirmation window for the reordered  

The deletion and reorder take effect on the heatmap page and the CCU as below.

| Non Deletable Floors

When hovered over the few non-deletable floors as below.

The delete icon disabled denoting the floor cannot be deleted.

When hovered over the disabled Delete   icon.

The reason for the delete icon being disabled and the reason for not being able to delete the particular floor is displayed.

Note: Only floors with no zones are available for deletion, and can be deleted, as below.









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