| Introduction

The current JSON format for creating custom alerts lacks the capability for complex calculations required for generating alerts accurately. Managing complex JSON is time-consuming and requires expertise. Using Blockly is beneficial as it allows users to easily build a wide range of alerts with varying levels of complexity.

In this case, Blockly is used to create advanced alerts similar to Alert Builder. These alerts are managed and run on CCU which also ensures that they run on CCU without Internet access meeting the Title 24 mandates.

This feature revamps the Alert Configuration page to tackle key user frustrations which are as follows:

    • Eliminating redundant tasks with a sharing feature and common pool component.
    • Replacing the complex JSON format with the intuitive Blockly component for alert creation.
    • Improving the Alert Builder to configure alerts for the cloud.
    • Implementing a consistent builder and query system for clearer visibility into equipment and parameter details.

| Types

Alerts can be classified into two types:

  • Predefined: These are designed to raise conditional alarms on certain preset conditions and configurations on different devices for existing users. There are two types of predefined alerts: Internal and Customer Visible. Internal alerts will be visible only to the internal portal users, the custom visible alerts will be visible to Facilisight portal users and Internal portal users as well.
  • Custom: These are configurable alerts based on user specifications. Only internal portal users will be able to edit or create custom alerts. Custom alerts can be further classified as custom alerts with Blockly, custom alerts through site sequencer and legacy custom alerts.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 114839.png


| Features

An alert can be liked from the dropdown list. It can be bookmarked for future reference as well. The dropdown list also provides a search bar to search for a specific alert from the list.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 114510.png

An alert's condition can be viewed and also removed from the site.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 120509.png

| Creating a New Custom Alert

From the Internal Portal,


  • Select Alert Config from the tab,


  • The Alert Configuration page is displayed


  • Click Add Alert


  • Click Create New Alert from the dropdown list.


The Alert Builder is displayed.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 141235.png

  • Click on the heading to edit the name of the alert and select the Alert type.


  • Add the required what and why description in the table


  • Click Add Alert Rule 


The Blockly Builder is displayed.

Blockly Builder 1aq1.png

  • Create the required alert through Blockly sequences.

Logic operators.png

  • Click save to save the alerts parameters.

save the parameters.png

  • Click Create New Alert to save and create a new custom Alert

saccve alerts.png

The custom alert is created successfully.

| Duplicating an Existing Alert

An alert can be duplicated from the list of custom alerts. This applies to both alerts created by a user and shared by others.

  • Click on an existing alert to view it from the alerts list

Alerts 91p.png



The existing alert is displayed.


  • Click on Duplicate Custom Alert to create a new custom alert with the same parameters and alert rule.


The alert is duplicated which can be further edited to create an entirely new custom alert.

Create New Alerts.png

| Editing an Alert

  • Click on an existing alert from the table

alert edit.png

The edit message is displayed.


  • Click continue to edit the alert


The alert can be further edited.

| Deleting an Alert

  • Click on an existing alert from the table

alert edit.png

  • Click on the Delete button to delete an alert


A message is displayed.


  • Click Delete to delete the alert.



| Alert Emails

Emails from alerts can be edited from the Alerts Page

  • Click on Edit Email Alerts from the Alerts Page

Screenshot 2024-05-09 115433.png

  • Add user email and click Add

Screenshot 2024-05-09 115733.png

The user email is successfully added.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 115920.png




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