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In the 75F® system, we have various levels of profiles that control and monitor various levels of equipment and devices, we have system-level profiles controlled by the CCU which is the master controller, and we have module-level profiles that control the zone-level equipment and devices.

In the heatmap page of the 75F® system, we monitor the HVAC parameters for the different levels of profiles. The heat map gives a snapshot of the room conditions in a building in predefined color codes, as zones as below.


Floor Planner is a feature of the 75F® system, which provides us the option to upload the floor plan for the building floor and set up the zones in the floor plan so that the heatmap viewability is achieved.

Buildings are continuously transforming; the layout of a newly constructed building is not the same as another building. The shape of a lobby or a meeting room in one building is different from the other. 

Lobby and meeting room shapes today, range from a semicircle to an octagon or any other complex shape that the traditional shapes cannot accommodate, not just lobbies and meeting rooms which are of a complex shape, the aisles of buildings today, as well are of complex shapes and complex orientations, which makes it more difficult for the BMS providers to create the exact zoning for all those complex zones/rooms in a building.

To address this the multiple shapes support for zones in the Floorplan is introduced in the 75F® system.

This feature helps facility managers and support users to map zones in the floor of the building to an exact shape, however, complex the shape of the zone or room may be, thus providing accurate viewability of the actual building zones on the heatmaps.


  • Exact viewability of the equipment position and exact area covered by the equipment.
  • Enhanced floor planning functionality
  • More accurate, reflecting the actual zones mapped in the building layout.

Following are the shapes added to the existing list.  

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle 
  • Rectangle or Parallelogram
  • Pentagon 
  • Hexagon  
  • Octagon  

Note: The zones in a floor can be planned from both the Internal and Facilisight portals, floor planner can be accessed from both the Internal and facilisight portals.

| Accessing Floor Planner

To access the floor planner from the internal portal

  • Log into the Internal portal.
  • Find Facilisight Assist on the tab.
  • Click Facilisight Assist.


The Floor Planner screen is displayed.

  • Select the site from the site's drop-down.


  • Select the floor for which you need to create the zones in the floor plan.
  • Click Upload Floor Plan to upload a floor plan for the floor, from a local drive.


Note: Only file types, .jpg, .png, or .gif can be uploaded, and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 5MB

Once the floor plan is uploaded, the shapes available for creating the zones are displayed and the zones created for the floor in the CCU are also displayed.


  • Click on any shape you want to add to the floor plan.


  • Drag and drop the zone from the zones list, for which you want the add the shape to the floor plan.

The selected shape is created in the floor plan for the particular zone.


  • Click and drag the shape to move it to a different position in the floor plan.


  • Click and drag the existing nodes of the shapes to alter the shapes.


  • Double-click on any side of the shape to add additional nodes, click and hold a node, and press delete, to delete a node in a shape.
  • Click and drag additional nodes to different locations to reach the expected shape goals.


  • Right-click on any shape and click confirm to delete any shape.


Once the shape is deleted from the floor plan, the respective zone is made available for further action.


  • Click Update to save changes made.
  • Click Reset to reset the floor plan and remove the changes created.

Once saved the same can be seen on the heatmap page of the Internal and the Facilisight Portal, with the color codes for the different levels of temperature that is predefined.


Note: Whether the floor zones are planned and set from the Internal Portal or Facilisight the changes made reflect in the heatmap of the other.




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