| Overview

The click view is a better and more detailed view that can be configured for a built-up chiller plant in the CPM. It displays more in-depth information about equipment in the chiller plant and the corresponding points configured.

The user can configure both points and alerts for the equips in the chiller plant for this view.

| Configuring Click View

To configure equipment for the click view.

  • Click the equipment in the plant schematic that is established.


  • Check the box under the click view, for the points you wish to visualize in a click view.


Further, you can also add custom points and alerts for the view using the options, below.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the window to locate the custom point section and check the boxes to add the existing custom points for the click view.


  • Click the " +" icon to access the custom point addition window to add more custom points, you wish to add to the hover view.

The custom points can be added using the same paradigm used for PAM, and custom widget creation.

  • Query, search, select and add the required points for the view.


Unlike the master view, the hover view is capable enough to only accommodate points and custom points, and not any alerts or custom alerts.


Once all the points, and custom points, are added for the view.


  • Click Save Config to confirm the click view for the equipment.
  • Repeat the above steps to configure the click view for all the required equipment in the plant.

For other information on CPM nuances, validations, and restrictions, please refer to Central Plant Builder Nuances, Validations and Restrictions.




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