| Introduction

A Chiller plant is a centralized cooling system that provides cooling for the building(s). A Central Plant constitutes the majority of energy consumed in a building for the centralized air conditioning plants. The Central Plant Management and Monitoring help monitor the chiller plant and analyze the operation of the equipment like the Chiller, Pumps, Cooling Towers, etc. 

Chillers are among the largest consumers of energy in a building, it can have a massive impact on operational costs. Therefore, monitoring the chiller's energy consumption in a plant is important in order to know how efficient the system is. 

Chillers are really expensive to install and when they are not looked after properly, the expenses to recover the equipment could also be huge. Hence preventive maintenance of the chiller is also a major role of the Central Plant Management and Monitoring tools.

| Central Plant Management and Monitoring

Chiller plant management and monitoring (CPMS) have been in existence for quite some time. There are five sequences of operations that constitute the CPM. 

  • IO summary Operations
  • Controller Operations
  • Wiring and Configuring Equipment/ Points.
  • Mapping the Points
  • Graphics and Visualization Decisions

When the above processes are executed with utmost quality and attention to detail, will make the CPM an effective service. 

| Legacy System Challenges

In the Legacy systems and methodologies, the processes are pretty manual and really time-consuming on average it takes up to 2 to 3 months for the implementation and a minimum of 30 days to verify and complete the handover of the system to the customer.

| The 75F CPM

With its vision towards the "World's most advanced IoT BMS" and a capability to automate any and all parts of the BMS, the 75F ventures with the introduction of the CPM as a service.

With already making its mark on the air side of the BMS, the 75F CPM would be a first-of-its-kind in the industry. 

With its predefined

  • Central Plant Configurations
  • Control panels
  • Control sequences
  • Predefined Models
  • Point Mapping Capabilities
  • Chiller Builder

And with its excellent capability to integrate any equipment into the system,

The 75F could provide a seamless and a very less time-consuming experience for CPM implementations. 

For more specific information refer to the following articles.

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