Your Account Profile

Your Account page under your name in the top right of your Facilisight page is where you will have access to your account details, your role details if you're added to multiple sites, your notification management, the ability to change your password, and the transfer ownership portal.

  • Account details is the first to pop up when you access your account profile. The Account Details page lists your data including your name, email, phone number, and measurement units for your site incase any of these need to be changed at any point.
  • Role Details will give you a list of all of the buildings and organizations you are a part of and give you info on what role you hold within them (Primary User, Secondary User, Occupant)
  • Notification Manager will show up with a bunch of names of certain alerts that can pop up on your site. You can use the check boxes next to it to make it so when these alerts go off you can receive an email, or text about this alert, you can also opt to receive a notification when the issue is fixed.
  • The Change Password category will allow you to change your password, just enter in your old password, then your new, then confirm it.
  • Transfer Ownership is the tab you will want to go to if you intend to give the primary ownership role to another person who is in your organization. To do this you select "Transfer Ownership" then you'll select the building of the ownership you want to transfer ownership from. You can then select the user you want to give it to (make sure the user has already been added to the site before hand).


User Management

Account and user management is an important process to know when needed to add or remove a new user or occupant to your site, these will be grouped into a couple different categories: Secondary Users, Occupants, and View Only. To access your user management profile, click on the 3x3 squares in the top right of your page and select "User Management". To add a user you will select the "Add user" option with the + sign next to it, from there you will need to enter their email, first and last name, country, phone number, and their role in your organization, the roles explained are listed below:

  • Secondary Users are your second in command that you have on your site, these are the people who can help you set schedules, change temps, and adjust your building.
  • Occupants are as the name says, your occupants. If you want to be able to have your tenants in your building have the ability to adjust the temp for their own zone the Occupant App will be the tool you'll want to be looking into. Once an occupant is added you will have to select their zone they want to control, you'll see an extra drop down menu appear after selecting "Occupant" as their role, here you can chose which zone they will control.
  • View Only users are users who you want to be able to see the heat map and the entire building but are not able to make any changes to the building, how it runs, or its temps.

Alerts Overview

Your alerts page accessed through the left hand menu you will select the bell icon , or the phrase "alerts" if your menu is pulled out. Through this view you will be able to see all active alerts as well as a severity indicator (blue low, yellow moderate, and red severe). You will also see where the alert is coming from under the "Equip Name" column, next to that is your mute state where if you are set up for alerts for this specific alert and you know it is being delt with or is a common occurrence you can mute the alert. After this is your description, you can click on the words themselves to give you a larger view of the description of the alert.




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