| Overview

The Wall Sensor adds a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor to the network, pre-calibrated from the factory. 


| How It Works

The Wall Sensor uses a proprietary 1-wire protocol to communicate with a master device such as a  SmartNode, SmartStat, or HyperStat. In principle,

| Features

  • Temperature (typical +/-0.2C) 
  • Humidity (typical +/- 2% R.H.)
  • 3 wire interfaces for power and communication

  • Wall Sensor can be daisy chained with other sensors on the 1-wire bus to provide an extensible sensor network.  

| Mounting

Mount the Wall Sensor on a wall by a single toggle bolt.   


| Wiring

The sensor plugs into the standard 3wire sensor bus that 75F offers on its Nodes and Stats, using the wiring harness shown below.


  • Connect the 3 Pin connector to the sensor as shown below


The Wall Sensor can be made a part of the Daisy Chain as Below.

Note: Combining it with other sensors in the bus, using the daisy chain adapter, and with 3 Pin to 3 Pin cable of lengths 18 inches, 20, 30, and 50 feet,



When Daisy Chained

  • Not more than a wall sensor can be daisy chained in the bus, due to the absence of an address setting mechanism.
  • The Temperature and Humidity values of the sensors in the bus are averaged for the master device

For more information on the Daisy Chaining capability refers to Daisy Chaining Capabilities of Sensors

| Other Capabilities


Remove the top cover of the Wall Senso to access additional capabilities.

  • Press the button at position 1 to reset the sensor.
  • Press the button at position 2 to set the Master device to pairing mode, without having to access the device installed at the plenum in the building (press the button somewhere between 3 to 6 seconds).






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