| Overview

The Wall Sensor adds a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor to the network, pre-calibrated from the factory. 

| Precautions

  • Install as per all state and local electrical codes.
  • Do not mount the sensor head too close to the ceiling, this increases the stratification effect.
  • Do not mount the sensor exposed to direct sunlight or any other heat source.

| Mounting

Mount the Wall Sensor on a wall by a single toggle bolt.   

| Wiring

The sensor plugs into the standard 3wire sensor bus that 75F offers on its Nodes and Stats, using the wiring harness shown below.


  • Connect the 3 Pin connector to the sensor as shown below


The Wall Sensor can be made a part of the Daisy Chain as Below.

Note: Combining it with other sensors in the bus, using the daisy chain adapter, and with 3 Pin to 3 Pin cable of lengths 18 inches, 20, 30, and 50 feet,

For more information on the Daisy Chaining capability refers to Daisy Chaining Capabilities of Sensors

| More Information


Remove the top cover of the Wall Senso to access additional capabilities.

  • Press the button at position 1 to reset the sensor.
  • Press the button at position 2 to set the Master device to pairing mode, without having to access the device installed at the plenum in the building (press the button somewhere between 4 to 8 seconds).






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