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| Pairing Profiles

The following table lists all the profiles and the device they must be paired with. While Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB) and Variable Airflow Volume (VAV) both have system and terminal profiles that make pairing and configuring mandatory from system and zone levels of the CCU. The other profiles that are standalone or have only terminal profiles must be paired from the zone level as shown. 



System Profile 

Terminal Profile 

Smart Node 

Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB) 

  • DAB Staged RTU 
  • DAB Fully Modulating AHU 
  • DAB Staged RTU with VFD Fan 
  • DAB Advanced Hybrid AHU 


Smart Node 

Variable Airflow Volume (VAV) 

  • VAV Staged RTU 
  • VAV Fully Modulating AHU 
  • VAV Staged RTU with VFD Fan 
  • VAV Advanced Hybrid AHU 
  • VAV Reheat – No Fan 
  • VAV Reheat – Series Fan 
  • VAV Reheat – Parallel Fan 


Smart Stat 

Smart Stat 


  • Conventional Pipe Unit 
  • Heat Pump Unit 
  • 2 Pipe FCU 
  • 4 Pipe FCU 

Smart Node 





Temperature Influencing 



Smart Node 

Single Stage Equipment (SSE) 



Smart Node 

PI Loop Controller 



Smart Node 

Energy Meter 



Smart Node 

BTU Meter 




| Pairing Profile at System and Zone level 

To pair a profile that has both system and terminal profiles: 

  1. From the Select System Profile, select VAV Staged RTU profile from the dropdown list as shown. 

      2. Click Next. 

      3. Click Floor Layout tab and select Add Floor+. 

      4. Add a zone for pairing VAV.

      5. Click Pair Module+. 

 The Select Device Type page is displayed. 

      6. Select SN (Smart Node). 
The Select Module Type screen is displayed. 


Note: When a VAV profile is selected at the system level, only the applicable profiles for the VAV are available for selection at a zone level, and the incompatible profile options are Greyed out or disabled.

      7. Select VAV with Reheat option. Tap to expand the node. 


      8. Select any of the modules.   

     Note: You can only pair a VAV terminal profile with the selected VAV system profile. 

     9. Switch the Smart Node to the advertising mode. 

    10. Enter the 6-digit code generated on the Smart Node screen. 


      11. Click Pair.

The tablet will request a PIN. Enter the PIN displayed on the Smart Node in the zone you are pairing.


  1. Pairing process will take a few more seconds and then complete displaying “Success” on the screen. After a few more seconds the Smart Node will display the new zone name. The tablet will not display any zone data until it is reconnected to the CM where it will communicate over a 900Mhz channel.

The selected VAV module is now successfully paired with the Smart Node. 

Troubleshooting - Pairing

Pairing Bluetooth devices comes with its own set of nuances that can cause the device to not pair successfully. But don't worry, this isn't uncommon and is almost always an easy hurdle with a couple key steps. 

If you're having trouble pairing your device with your CCU and are getting to a place where the device is displaying a MAC address or PIN but it is not being displayed on the CCU.

  1. Tap away from the pairing screens on the CCU and retry the pairing. 
  2. Toggle the Bluetooth adapter Off and back On. Swipe down from the upper right and press the Bluetooth icon and wait for it to turn gray. Then tap it again and wait for it to turn white. 
  3. Power cycle, or press the reset button on the device itself. 
  4. Reboot your CCU. 



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