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| Introduction

BTU meters are devices which measure the energy consumption of any liquid heating or cooling system in British Thermal units from which it derives its name. BTU meters are used in chilled water systems for both commercial and industrial and office buildings. They are an efficient way to measure the performance of energy conservation measures or any loss of system efficiency.

| Connecting to the Modbus BTU Meter

From the CCU zone page.



  • Click the settings mceclip1.png icon.


The floor layout screen is displayed.

  • Click the System Devices >>Modbus BTU Meter.
  • Click the Pair Module option



| Setting up the BTU Meter Profile

  • Equipment Type: The equipment type should display the company name and the model number. Please note that only the BTU meter connected in parallel on the RS485 bus in the CCU will be available in the list from which the user can select the required option
  • Slave ID: Each slave BM should have a unique slave ID since there can be multiple BTU meters connected in parallel on the RS485 bus in the CCU.

| Configuration Parameters for each specific BM model

User can select desired parameters for a particular BM type that will be shown on the systems screens of CCU. Please note that Read Only Points are only allowed for viewing the various parameters of the BM, only if the user has configured these parameters to be visible to the user in system profile monitoring page.

Below are some common parameters which are recommended to be monitored in a BTU meter system profile

Parameter Description Condition (R or R/W) Unit
Inlet Temperature (T1) Read Degree C or F
Outlet Temperature (T2) Read Degree C or F
Actual Flow Read L/H/M 
Actual Power Read kW
Energy Consumption Read kWh
Volume Read Meter Cube


| Energy Proportional Distribution

Under the Energy proportional distribution option, all the floors which have been configured in the CCU shall be displayed and the user has to select the distribution of energy for the BTU meter for each floor.


Above is a Use case for Energy Proportional Distribution

User can either select energy distribution value from the dropdown values or can manually edit the exact value. Values available in dropdown should be either 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or 100%. Please note that the summation of the value percentage per floor should be 100% mandatorily.

Let us consider an instance where BM is serving 4 floors - 1st to 4th floor and distribution is 25%, 30%, 25% and 20% respectively, summation of values entered for all floors must be 100%. This is required to capture the real energy distribution for that BM. In case in CCU 4 floors are configured and BM is distributing only in 2 floors then for other 2 floors value should be 0%. 

| Accessing the System Monitoring Page

Once the BTU meter is configured on the CCU and the Modbus register parameters selected for visibility on 75F Setting screens then it will be available in system monitoring page. In the System page below system user intent parameters, BM system profile details can be viewed.

The system monitoring page should display Company name of BM, Model number, device ID and parameters selected to be displayed in UI.  Below is an example of a system monitoring page with the displayed parameters.












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