| Overview

The HyperStat with its excellent sensing, zone level control, and standalone capabilities, has been traction among customers in the building management space. 

It can serve almost all types of buildings. Its sleek design can be installed anywhere and everywhere in a building space. 

People could easily interact with the device when HyperStat is installed at very low heights in space, this can lead to people hampering the settings of the device. They can easily modify setpoints, operating modes, and fan modes with just a couple of presses on the navigation buttons or slides over the touch panel.

| Device Interactivity Lockout

In order to address the aforesaid issue, the 75F introduces a lockout feature in the HyperStat device.

This feature lets the installer, or the facility manager lock the interactivity options available on the HyperStat device. 

| Locking Interactivity Options

To lock the HyperStat interactivity options

  • Press and hold the FAN|MODE button and the button for more than 5 seconds.

The HyperStat UI screen blinks for a second implying the change of state to locked.

The same is visualized on the home screen as below.

You can no longer press the navigation buttons to switch different screens, and no longer use the touch panel to scroll through the options available on a screen.

| Alert Message

Once the HyperStat interactivity is locked out, and a user tries to interact with the buttons or slider in the HyperStat, the following message displays in the HyperStat UI screen.


The message displays for 2 seconds and the HyperStat home screen displays.

| Unlocking Interactivity Options

To unlock the HyperStat interactivity options.

  • Press and hold the FAN|MODE button and the + button again for more than 5 seconds.

The HyperStat UI screen blinks for a second implying the change of state to unlocked.

You can start interacting using the navigation buttons, and the touch panel. 

| Feature Availability Version

  • The HyperStat device interactivity lock-out feature support is available from the HyperStat version 1.4 and above.





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