| Overview

The HyperStat device now comes with a pin-based locking mechanism. This provides the facility managers, and installers with an option to set a 4-digit PIN that would lock the HyperStat, and avoid further interaction of other users with the device. This provides an additional level of security, from users meddling with the device and modifying the system parameters.

| Setting the Lock Device Pin

The 4-digit device locking PIN can be set from various places. but the preferred is from the device itself.

From the HyperStat device home screen.

Group 1354@2x.png

  • Press the + & - buttons together to navigate to the other screens of the HyperStat

The Inputs screen is displayed initially

Group 1355@2x.png

  • Press the next button to navigate to the Installer options screen

The installer options screen is displayed.

Group 1364@2x.png

  • Press the down arrow Down.png to navigate to the Configure PIN option available under the screen.

Group 1224@2x.png

  • Press the Select button to access the lock PIN configuration screen.

Group 1199@2x.png

  • Use the Down.png button or the slider to set the required number for the digit of the PIN. 

Group 1204@2x.png

  • Use the Screenshot 2024-01-22 105612.png button to navigate to other digits of the PIN, and set the required number for the Digits as below.

Group 1198@2x.png Group 1205@2x.png

  • Repeat the above step to set the complete PIN.

Group 1197@2x.pngGroup 1206@2x.png

  • Configure the complete PIN.

Group 1207@2x.png Group 1201@2x.png

  • Press the submit button to confirm the configured PIN.

The PIN set successful message is displayed.

Group 1200@2x.png

The installer options screen displays

Group 1365@2x.png


| Confirm Device Lock and Unlock Device

  • Navigate to the home screen.

Group 1221@2x.png

  • Press the + & - buttons together to navigate to the other screens of the HyperStat

The screen to enter the lock PIN, to unlock the interactivity displays.

Group 1194@2x.png

  • Use the down arrow Down.png button or slider & right arrow Screenshot 2024-01-22 105612.png button to enter the configured PIN.

Group 1225@2x.png

  • Press the submit button to confirm unlocking.

The device unlocked message displays, and the device interactivity is unlocked.

Group 1203@2x.png

Note: An OTA update would not affect the set PIN.

Below are the ways to reset a forgotten PIN.

  • Using the Flashtool. Here the installer will flash the firmware again and that would reset the PIN to default.
  • Local reset is Not possible.

When an incorrect PIN is entered as below.

Group 1226@2x.png

Incorrect pin entered and try again message displays.

Group 1202@2x.png

Note: The home screen displays immediately, for the user to retry the PIN.

There are no limits for the PIN retry.




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